Selman & Associates is a great place to work and gain valuable and necessary skills to succeed in the oilfield. Despite minimal experience, I felt respected and my co-workers took as much time as needed to train me to succeed at the job. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to either start or continue their career in the oilfield.

Dan Smith

Very great company to work for

Akbar Sheriff

Great in-house software, and gas detectors, best new-hire training of any logging company I have come across, and I have worked at many different ones over the years. If any of you have any questions find me on Linked In, I will gladly answer all of your concerns!

Tyler Hargrove

Friendly and knowledgeable team, in depth data for all logging. I do recommend!

Diana Pogue

Ryan Graham

D Snyder

Carlos Del Rio

Randall Ford

Justin Leonard

Boris Stoyanov

I saw a lot of mixed reviews and its time to clear things up. I worked for Selman logging for about a year, during my time there i was treated professionally and EVERYONE i worked with was helpful and ALWAYS had time for me. Yes the work is hard, yes the schedule is not amazing however that is true for the entire oilfield, don't fool yourself!!! Here is where the difference is though; this is a family owned business, you become a part of team that is closely nit and work ethic is paramount. You are no longer a number of thousands!! You are an integral part of a system that relies on you to do your job and be dependable! This is not a place where you get lost in the system and your slacking is averaged out by the sum of all!!On the positive side when you excel at your performance, its also not averaged out and lost! You are noticed and rewarded for it!!! My parting with the company was due to relocation, not due to satisfaction! I loved my job and i had fun at it! Don't be afraid to work hard! The more you invest in the more you will be rewarded! its that simple!! If you just want a job... move on elsewhere, if you want a career SIGN UP!!! The benefits are equal to the best in business.To sum up you get all the benefits of a large corp with none of the drawbacks! Make a name for yourself, get out there and prove what you are capable of, this is a place where you are ONLY limited by how much you are willing to put in!

If any of you have any questions find me on Linked In, I will gladly answer all of your concerns!